Dad Aches For Son Killed By Policeman 20 Years Ago

Intro: “Thirteen-year-old Nicholas Heyward Jr. was playing with a toy gun in the stairwell of the housing complex where he lived in Brooklyn when a police officer shot and killed him in 1994.”

I pitched this story as an intern at StoryCorps and co-facilitated the interview with Nicholas Heyward Sr. at StoryCorps’ lower Manhattan recording booth.

Published at and at


10 Years Later, A Pair Of Strangers Revisit A Leap Not Taken

Intro: “On March 11, 2005, Kevin Berthia wanted to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. California Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Briggs talked him out of it. The two met recently to discuss what happened that day.”

I pitched this story as an intern at StoryCorps and booked the interviews with Kevin Briggs and Kevin Berthia.

Published at and at


Remembering A ‘Giant’: ‘Everything We Did, We Did Together’

Intro: “In his early 20s, Max was in a near-fatal car accident, leaving him quadriplegic and living in a nursing home. One day, he came across a young woman who worked at that nursing home. Her name was Colleen. And at StoryCorps, Colleen sat down with her daughter, Meaghan, to remember Max.”

I contributed to the production of this piece by creating the first edit of the original 40-minute interview between Colleen and Meaghan Starkloff.

Published at and at


Mei Chau and Ah La Ko-Oh: The Accidental Chefs

“In this segment, the two women discuss how their businesses share foods from their home countries with other New Yorkers.”

Published at Feet in 2 Worlds.


Memories of Rome: A Profile of Matteo Lonardi

Intro: Matteo Lonardi has always had itchy feet and fingers. With his camera in hand, he began his lonely travels at 19. Though he’s called many places home, he doesn’t need photos to recapture memories from his Italian childhood. Emily Martinez reports.


Chemical Substance Scare at JFK

Intro: Two customs officers at JFK International Airport in Jamaica, Queens felt ill early Sunday after inspecting an odorous package from China. The FBI brought in a hazardous materials team to respond. Emily Martinez was there.


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